3 August 2016

Summer Pudding Cake.

After making, for the first time ever, this Summer Pudding for the Sweet World challenge, an instagram friend sent me the picture of this Summer Pudding Cake, that is featured in this month's Good Housekeeping magazine.
Of course, after I've finally tasted my first Summer Pudding and loved it, I bought the magazine and couldn't resist this version.
The idea of transforming it into a cake sounded fabulous and although the version featured in the magazine is round shaped, I decided to recreate it in a square shape.
It is as easy to make as the original one and very pretty and delicious all the same.
This recipe is not suitable for kids, as it has Crème de Cassis mixed with the fruit juices but you can leave it out of course.
Last year I made homemade Crème de Cassis with the blackcurrants I picked from my friend B. garden and that's the one I used in this recipe and it is so delicious.
I really need to post the recipe for homemade Créme de Cassis here on the blog ASAP...
Meanwhile, the blog and myself, we're going to be in holidays for the next month.
I'll interrupt the holidays just to post the Sweet World round up on the 25th of August but that will be it until de 2nd or 3rd of September.
Until then, Happy Cooking and be as Happy as Summer Bees!

1 August 2016

My Vegetarian stuffed Focaccia / A minha Focaccia Vegetariana recheada.

I make this stuffed focaccia very often and it is so delicious that, this time I took the time to share the recipe with you all.
It is a meal on itself and perfect for picnics, lazy summer lunches or even to eat while you're at the beach.
The filling combinations are endless and although I always make this vegetarian combination, you can use cured meats combined with grilled or roasted veggies or whatever you fancy. The filling quantities are also variable. You can use as much or as less filling as you want.

29 July 2016

Cheat's pizza with mozzarella, chargrilled nectarine and prosciutto / Pizza fingida com mozzarella, nectarina grelhada e presunto.

The idea to make these "pizzas" was, not just because I had all the ingredients laying around here at home, but also because I wanted to prepare another suggestion for Marta.
As I told you here and here, Marta chose Peaches and/or Nectarines as the ingredient of JulyTherefore, here is my last suggestion. A savoury and sweet suggestion for Marta, that is very easy to prepare and makes an absolutely delicious Summer lunch.

27 July 2016

London Fog Millefeuilles / Mil Folhas "Nevoeiro de Londres".

Those who follow my instagram account (here and here), know very well that I'm very proud of the lavender bush that I have in my garden.
I love lavender, both, the smell and the flavour and every Summer I'm delighted with its beautiful purple shades and the way it comes back to life. Something else I love, is watching all the busy bees always around it.
This recipe, was marked for this time of the year - when my organic lavender is at its best - since the day I bought the fabulous Aimee Twigger "Love, Aimee x" book. A book that you all know I truly adore and from which, this one is the third recipe I'm making (the other two are here and here).
Aimee calls this recipe the London Fog Millefeuilles as, according to Aimee, the millefeuilles flavours were inspired by a London Fog Latte, which is flavoured with Earl Grey tea. Her favourite kind of tea and mine too I have to add.
Aimee perfumed the millefeuilles with the Earl Grey tea and lavender as she thinks they go really well together and I totally agree with her. It's a delightful combination!
I made these millefeuilles last week, for my husband's birthday and they were a huge success.

22 July 2016

Bacon, nectarines and rocket sandwich / Sanduiche de bacon, nectarinas e rúcula.

Once again I confirm what I always say: "Everything inside or in between slices of bread is food from the Gods" and this sandwich is proof of this theory of mine.
First, when I read the recipe, I thought that the combination could be weird, but as I'm always keen to try different combinations even if they don't sound very classic, I decided to give it a try and after the first bite, I always 100% convinced.
It's a mouthful of saltiness from the bacon, sweetness from the nectarines, freshness from the basil mayonnaise and crunchiness from the toasted bread and from the bacon itself.
Pure Heaven believe me and that's this heavenly suggestion that is the first suggestion that I leave for Marta this month.

20 July 2016

Summer Pudding for the Sweet World Challenge / Pudim de Verão para o Sweet World.

20th of July and it's time for another Sweet World Challenge.
This month and to enjoy all the berries that are in season now, we decided to challenge you to make a British Summer Pudding.
Talking British and Puddings, of course I had to make this fabulous recipe from Regula Ysewijn bible of puddings, her fabulous book "Pride and Pudding" which I previously introduced in this post.
Let's now find out what is a Summer Pudding?
Summer pudding or Summer fruit pudding is a British dessert made of sliced white bread, layered in a deep bowl with fruit and fruit juice.
It is left to soak overnight and turned out onto a plate.
The dessert was most popular from the late 19th to the early 20th century. However, there is no clear record of its origin.
Making summer pudding is much easier if the bread is somewhat stale as this helps the fruit juices soak through the bread, which makes the pudding more pleasant. It is usually served with cream.
The fruits typically used in summer pudding are raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, whitecurrants, and blackberries.
According to Regula's book, strawberries are to be avoided as they do not remain pleasant enough to enjoy after a couple of hours or a night of soaking.
Let's make a Summer Pudding then?

18 July 2016

Coconut curried chickpeas with wilted spinach / Caril de Grão de bico com leite de coco e espinafres.

A perfect meal for a "meatless Monday"!!
I made this curry for Saturday lunch and I don't have to tell you how simple an delicious it is!!
As I told you already a thousand times, I love cooking from Emilie Raffa "The Clever Cookbook" and, I promise, I'm not going to repeat myself.
Just check here, all the recipes that I already cooked from this book and it will be easy for you to conclude by yourselves, how fabulous and easy to make, Emilie's suggestions are.
As I wrote above, this was our lunch last Saturday and although the poached egg was not part of Emilie's recipe, I decided to serve the curry with a poached egg on top as, I think, an egg, specially if it's perfectly poached, makes everything better...

15 July 2016

Simmone Logue Cornish Pasties / Pasteis de Cornwall da Simmone Logue.

Known and loved throughout Great Britain and Ireland, Cornish Pasties got its name after Cornwall. Arguments abound to the origins of Cornish Pasties with neighbouring Devon claiming to the origins of the pasty.
Whatever the origins, a Cornish Pasty recipe is delicious, easy and fairly quick to make.
It is generally believed that the pasty evolved for Cornish tin miners, who, unable to return to the surface at lunchtime had a hearty, easy to hold and eat, lunch dish.
With their hands often dirty from a mornings work, the pasty could be held by the thick pastry crust without contaminating the contents. The thick crust also acted as an insulator, keeping the contents warm for several hours.
Pasties were often also made with a meat filling at one end and a sweet filling of fruit or jam at the other - a complete meal in one!
While there are no set ingredients of the Cornish pasty, traditional recipes will always use minced or diced steak, onion and potato wrapped in shortcrust pastry.
Variations include the addition of swede or carrots, even peas but a Cornishman will tell you these are not the genuine article (font).
This specific recipe is from Simmone Logue beautiful book "In the kitchen" (you can read more about the book here, here and here) and it's her take on one of her childhood memories.
Although its not the original Cornish Pasty, it's absolutely divine and a pleasure to nibble on.

13 July 2016

Red Velvet Madeleines.

A beautiful batch of french madeleines to enjoy with a cup of tea.
There's already a few recipes that you can find here, on the blog, under the "Madeleines" tag but this was the first time I made red velvet ones.
I love Madeleines. They're very easy to make and they're so dainty, light and delicious for those sugar craving moments.
The recipe is from Aimee Twigger beautiful gorgeous book "Love, Aimee x". A book that I truly adore and from which I wrote about here, when I made these fabulous marshmallows.
As you all know by now, Aimee is the author of the delightful Twigg Studios blog and for those that don't have the book, you should have a look at Aimee's blog because the recipes are mouthwatering and the styling is absolutely divine.

11 July 2016

Pea and mountain ham soup / Sopa de ervilhas com presunto.

Although I never posted the recipe here on the blog, this soup is one of my favourite soups and I make it every time I can get peas in their pods.
This soup is not just very tasteful and very easy to make, but it's also very beautiful and makes an impact at any table.
The recipe is from one of my favourite soup books. Magic Soup is its name and the authors are Nicole Pisani and Kate Adams.
All the recipes in the book are simply AMAZING and the book was photographed by the gorgeous Regula Ysewijn - that, as you all know, is the creator of the fabulous Miss Foodwise blog and the author of the fantastic book Pride and Pudding - and both, photos and styling are mouthwatering.
From the book, I already made this Watercress soup, this Carrot, cumin and miso soup and this Caldo Verde, which is a Portuguese inspired soup and all of them, without exception, were absolutely divine!

8 July 2016

Chicken katsu curry burger / Hamburger de frango com molho de caril katsu.

First of all, I start by saying sorry to the ones that try to comment on my blog but can't find the comments box.
Blogger and Google+ together are a disaster and the amount of messages I received this week from people that was complaining that they couldn't comment on my blog was a nightmare.
I didn't do any changes at all!! It's just that Blogger and Google+ combination that definitely doesn't work!!!
So, if you really want to comment, you need to click directly on the post title instead of trying to comment from the blog link. Annoying I know and I'm getting tired of this but, until I decide to change, theres nothing I can do...
Saying that, let's go to today's suggestion!