17 January 2018

Orange and Clove roast Chicken with Pears and Butternut Squash / Frango assado no forno, com Laranja, Cravinho, Pêras e Abóbora (butternut).

This recipe is an aromatic combination of flavours and textures.
A one pan meal that it's super easy to prepare but when you bring it to the table, your family or guests will think you spent hours in the kitchen.
The recipe is from Marte Marie Forsberg and her truly, truly amazing debut cook book "The Cottage Kitchen".
Of course I don't feel the need to introduce Marte Marie as, every blogger and/or foodie raves about her work. Both, as a passionate cook, a blogger and a very talented photographer.
The book is divided by "seasons" and every chapter features recipes with the best seasonal ingredients of course. All the recipes, descriptions and, of course, photos are incredibly mouthwatering and you just want to be in the kitchen and cook everything from the book. Well, at least, that's how I feel about it...!!
I have lots of recipes marked down in the book to be tried and I've already made two of Marte Marie's no knead breads and this chicken recipe that I'm posting today.
I chose to share this recipe first, because it features orange and oranges are Marta's ingredient of the month.
I've made this recipe before Marta announced the ingredient of the month so, good thing that I didn't post it here before, because now, it can go straight to Marta's January table.
Hope you try it and enjoy it because it's so aromatic, full of flavour and delicious that you'll only be able to describe it if you taste it!

11 January 2018

Blackberry, Orange and Orange Blossom Clafoutis / Clafoutis de Amoras, Laranja e Extracto de Flor de Laranjeira.

You know I can't resist anything "citrus" right?
As soon as Marta announced that this month's "ingredient of the month" are Oranges, I knew I'd be making a few orangy recipes for Marta and this one is just the first one.
A fabulous Clafoutis, very orangy and with blackberries, another of my favourite ingredients in the world!
Now, as a "citrus lover", how could I ever resist a book called "Citrus"? No way right?
I've got this book long time ago and, although I've already made lots of recipes from it, this one is the first one I'm sharing with you all and a very appropriate one for Marta's challenge.
The book, Citrus - from Catherine Phipps, is a delight book.
Full of great (savoury and sweet) recipes and very helpful information about citrus, the book includes descriptions of varieties and how to slice, dry, freeze, and properly handle different kinds of citrus. A must have, I'd say!
This specific recipe calls for dried orange zest and there's a recipe for it in the book but, it happened that, the day I was going to make this Clafoutis, I got a surprise gift in my mail box.
A big thank you to Manuela for the amazing gift and a big round of applause and congratulations to "Um Grama" for the exceptional products and for the care and beauty of the packaging and presentation.
Outstanding and beautifully Portuguese!
Although the dried orange and rosemary mix is suggested to serve in starters, salads or with cheese, I thought that it would work perfectly with this Clafoutis and G!!! I was so right!! It worked perfectly and the hint of the rosemary just made this Clafoutis even better!
Give it a go and be impressed!

8 January 2018

Spring Pea Soup with Roasted Radishes and Sweet and Salty Cashews / Sopa de Ervilhas com Rabanetes assados e Cajus agri-doces.

Around Christmas time, Kyle Books threw a "Advent Cookbook Quiz" on Instagram and I was the lucky winner.
I had to choose 3, from 7 available books and one of the books I chose was Rita Serano's "Vegan in 7".
A delightful book, full of delicious vegan recipes and very straightforward and unpretentious.
Recipes using only 7 or less ingredients, beautiful gorgeous photos and simple, but delightful, recipe introductions.
You all know I'm not vegan or even vegetarian, but you all also know that I love to have and make vegan and vegetarian meals whenever I want and that's one of the reasons I chose this book as one of the 3 books I had to choose from.
Honestly, I have a handful of vegan and vegetarian books but this one, is truly adorable and my favourite so far!
If you want to know more and win one copy of this gorgeous book, have a look at Kimberly's, The Little Plantation blog as, she is not just offering a copy of the book but, she's also sharing another delightful recipe from the book.
I've marked down several recipes to cook and share from the book but, as a soup lover, this soup had to be the first recipe to cook and share.
Try it and feel healthy and green!

Note: Rita suggests to serve the soup with an optional swirl of Cashew Cream, but I opted for a scatter of the sweet and salty cashews, for crunchiness.

3 January 2018

Raspberry Swirl Pavlova Wreath / Coroa de Pavlova com swirl de Framboesas.

Happy New Year everybody!
First post of 218 and, of course, it had to be a Pavlova.
As you all know by now, a Pavlova is always my first dessert of the year. My kind of "white tradition".
A Donna Hay Magazine Pavlova and, for those we tasted it, the BEST EVER!
The recipe is from the latest issue of Donna Hay Magazine and although I've been crowned the "Pavlova Queen" and I've already made lots of Pavlovas, this one is, indeed, a stunner!!

31 December 2017

Chocolate Roulade with Sweet Chestnut Purée, Honeyed Cream & Crushed Honeycomb Filling / Torta de Chocolate, recheada com Creme de Castanha, Natas batidas com Mel e Honeycomb.

Time just flies by and before we realize, here we are!
Last day of 2017!
I can say that, all in all, it was a great year and if 2018 is going to be as good as 2017, bring it on.
I'll not complain and I'll not ask for more!
As I didn't have the time to write a post wishing you a very Merry Christmas, I didn't want the same to happen now and not be able to wish you a Fabulous, Fantastic and very Happy 2018!
This super delicious roulade is my choice as the last post of 2017.
The original recipe is in a shape of a Yule Log and I made it for Christmas (as you can see here).
As it was such a huge success, I decided to make it again - as a roulade - to leave you the recipe, so you can make it and try this absolute delight.
Hope you enjoy it as much as we all did!
The recipe is from Jamie Oliver, Christmas Cookbook, which is also the book of the month for the Rainydaybites Cook Book Club.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you and never forget to BE HAPPY, as life is way too short!

20 December 2017

Chocolate Lamington Cake for the 2nd Anniversary of the Sweet World / Bolo Lamington de Chocolate para o 2º Aniversário do nosso Sweet World.

Here we are!!
2nd Anniversary of our Sweet World and I can't believe how time just flies by without notice.
I still remember the conversations Susana and myself had, on how to set up the challenge and the monthly rules, themes, etc.
Challenges and dates have been agreed and sometimes themes have been changed to feature seasonality or festivities but, most importantly than anything else, we have always agreed and had fun deciding the challenges, researching and setting them up!
Susana has always been a great partner for this monthly challenge and I couldn't wish for anyone better and more qualified than her to do it with me!
Over the last 23 months, we "went" to different countries and we made and asked you to make, iconic desserts, cakes or sweets from that same Country.
Here's a resume of the last 23 months of the Sweet World:
  1. UK and the "Queen of Puddings". 
  2. America, NY, Brooklyn and the "Brooklyn Blackout Cake
  3. UK and we had a choice of Hot Cross Buns and a Simnel Cake
  4. Germany/Austria and the Donauwelle Cake
  5. France and the Fraisier
  6. Germany and the Black Forest Cake
  7. UK and the Summer Pudding
  8. UK and the Trifle
  9. America, NY and the Baked Cheesecake
  10. Sweden and the Prinsesstårta (Princess Cake)
  11. Scandinavia and the Saint Lucia Saffron Buns
  12. Russia and the Medovik Cake
  13. Spain and the Saint Mark Cake
  14. UK and the Battenberg Cake
  15. UK and the Bakewell Tart
  16. France and the Paris Brest
  17. Austria and the Spanische Windtorte
  18. America and the Baked Alaska
  19. America and the Fruit Pie
  20. France and the Millefeuilles
  21. Spain and Churros
  22. Spain/France, the Basque region and a Basque Cake
  23. Hungary and the Beigli (though I made a Fladen). 

13 December 2017

Fladen or, the best version of a Beigli / Fladen ou, a versão melhorada e mais sofisticada do Beigli.

Beigli! Its name comes from the German word beugen ("bend" in English).
Beigli originates from Germany and in Hungary it became a custom to bake Beigli for Christmas in the 19th century during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Beigli (or sometimes spelled bejgli) is a real Hungarian Christmas treat.
The beigli’s predecessor was probably the Silesian filled challach that was already known in the 16th century. Though it’s more likely that it emerged from the famous Bratislava horseshoe. The first Bratislava horseshoes filled with ground walnuts and poppy seeds were baked in 1559 and became very popular.
This pastry is ubiquitous around Christmas time and you can buy it in any shop or bakery. It is basically a rolled up crust with lots of filling. Walnut and poppy seed are traditional, but nowadays, you can find them filled with chestnut puree or even Nutella.
The two kinds of filling fit in the symbolism of Christmas perfectly because poppy seeds symbolize wealth and fertility, while walnuts protect against bewitching. Today there are many different fillings like chestnuts, marzipan, and even apple, coconut and hazelnut fillings can be found.
Beigli is the theme of the 23rd edition of the Sweet World and if there's something that really annoys me a lot, is the fact of having more than 600 cooking books and, when I need a recipe, that I'm pretty sure to have in one of them,... I can't find it!!
Anyway!! After flicking throughout a few books and not finding any recipe, I did some research on the Internet and I found Beigli recipes with yeasted dough, others with a kind of pastry dough. I found fillings of poppy seeds, walnuts and I also found fillings that called for applesauce and I couldn't decide between any of them.
As I know that Inês has a fantastic "photographic memory", I asked her if she could remember seeing a Beigli recipe in any of our books (yes! Inês is as mad as myself about cooking books and we have, pretty much, the same amount of books...).
Of course, Inês was able to remind me of a few books where I would find a Beigli recipe or something similar and!!! BINGO!!
I found two recipes that pleased me but, when I opened the "
It's Always About the Food" book by the fabulous Monday Morning Cooking Club, I couldn't resist this recipe!!
It's not called Beigli! It's called Fladen and, it's made with a fabulous pastry, and it features not one, but three of the fillings that you'd find in the most traditional or more modern versions of the Beigli and I thought: Why making a rouldade filled only with one of the fillings, when I can have something much more interesting?
A Fladen filled with a poppy seed filling, a walnut filling and a fabulous apple compote filling!
It might not be the most traditional Beigli recipe but, let me tell you: It's for sure the most delicious Fladen you'll ever try!

10 December 2017

Bread and Butter Pudding with Chocolate, Marmalade, Custard and Panettone / Bread and Butter Pudding com Chocolate, Doce de Laranja Amarga, Custard e Panettone.

It took me almost 12 years in the UK to make my first Bread and Butter Pudding!!
A quintessential British Pudding that (shame on me, I know) I always thought it would be strange and never rang my bells...
I'm not untitled to give my opinion about the regular Bread and Butter Puddings because I've never made or tasted one before but, this one, the one I'm sharing with you today, is so utterly delicious, decadent and moreish that, the only thing I could think after tasting it was:
Why does it took me so long to make and try such an amazing dessert???
Hope the British people forgives me because I'm totally surrounded to Bread and Butter Pudding!
This recipe is from Jamie Oliver "Christmas Cookbook", which is the book of the month chosen by Deborah for her Rainydaybites Cook Book Club and I'm so glad I gave the Bread and Butter Pudding an opportunity and specially with this recipe!! Truly and utterly divine!

28 November 2017

Roasted Red Pepper, Squash and Sweet Potato Soup / Sopa de Pimentos Assados, Abóbora e Batata Doce.

Another beautiful and delicious soup, this one from "Comfort", Candice Brown debut cook book!!
Candice Brown, as you all might know, was the fabulous winner of the 2016 Great British Bake Off (GBBO)!
Candice began learning to bake at four with her grandmother and, apparently, she spent more than 12 hours a day practicing for the GBBO final.
I was very happy when her name was called out as the winner because, honestly, she has been my favourite contestant since day one!
The book is full of both, sweet and savoury, home comforting recipes, tips and gorgeous photos.
This recipe was my first choice, not just because I love soups (and you all know it), but also because it calls for sweet potatoes and, sweet potatoes, as I wrote here, are Marta's "ingredient of the month" so, I could't help but choose this utterly delicious recipe to make first.

27 November 2017

Sweet Potato Crisps / Crisps de Batata Doce.

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fiber, which has been shown to promote a healthy digestive system.
As well as containing a good array of vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium and selenium, they're also a good source of most of our B and C vitamins.
One of the key nutritional benefits of sweet potato, is that they're high in an antioxidant known as beta-carotene, which converts into vitamin A once consumed.
Marta Chose sweet potato as her "ingredient of the month" and I couldn't be happier, as I love sweet potatoes!
These sweet potato crisps are the first recipe I'm taking to Marta's table this month, and they're absolutely addictive and delicious!
This is a simple and delicious suggestion from
Lisa Nieschlag Lars Wentrup beautiful "New York Christmas - Recipes & Stories" cook book, the one I wrote about in this post and, these crisps are a fabulous and easy recipe to make and serve as a snack any time of the year!

25 November 2017

Sweet World Round Up - Basque Cake.

22th edition of the Sweet World and we asked you to bake and try a Basque Cake!
A delicious cake, which recipe and history, you can read in this post.
The results, as you can check below, were, once again, fabulous! and, Susana and myself, we are very grateful to all the ones that, challenge after challenge, get out of their comfort zone and, push themselves in order to bake and bare with us.
Thank you so much!!
Meanwhile, don't forget to check here, the theme for our 23th edition!

Na 22ª edição do nosso Sweet World, pedimo-vos que fizessem e experimentassem um Bolo Basco!
Uma iguaria da região que lhe dá o nome e, sobre o qual, neste post, encontram a receita e ainda podem ler algumas curiosidades e factos.
Os resultados são sempre super animadores e, em nome da Susana e meu, só nos resta agradecer a todos os que, mês após mês, saem da sua "zona de conforto", abraçam o desafio e experimentam coisas novas e que (por mais vontade que tivéssemos), nunca faríamos ou ousaríamos fazer, não fosse este desafio.
Vamos então ver os lindos Bolos Bascos com que fomos presenteados e, não se esqueçam, no blogue da Susana, já está lançado o tema da 23ª edição do nosso SW - Mundo Doce!

21 November 2017

Rice with Chicken, Farinheira and Chorizo / Arroz de Frango, Farinheira (e chouriço).

“Enchidos” is the Portuguese word for our (many) varieties of cured and/or, dried sausages.
Different kinds of Chorizos, Alheiras and (my favourite of them all), Farinheiras, they all belong to the very ancient and cultural Portuguese tradition of cured or dried sausages and they’re mostly the reason why I can’t, ever! be a pure vegetarian.
Farinheira is a Portuguese smoked sausage made mainly from wheat flour, pork fat and seasonings.
It has a yellow/brown colour and it was invented by Portuguese Jews, in order to have "something" hanging on their smokehouses (faking the consumption of pork), to save them from the Inquisition. It is made with flour, which gives it its name, red pepper paste, paprika, wine and, nowadays, pork fat!
If you never tried a "Farinheira" before, you should run to your nearest Portuguese delicatessen and buy one but, you have to try a very good quality one, like the one I used in this rice, or else, you’ll be disappointed...
One of the things we can't ever leave behind, is any kind of "enchido" and, almost all of our traditional Portuguese dishes include some kind of "enchido" or cured meat.
I'm not complaining. I'm a true lover of this kind of food and all kinds of chorizo, "enchidos", bacon, prosciutto and relatives, they're all on top of the list for my "desert Island food"...
We (Portuguese), we love our "enchidos" as much as we love our rice and, you think of any combination using rice, you name it, and I bet, we will have a traditional recipe for it. From duck rice, shellfish rice, razor clams rice, octopus rice, to salted cod rice, we have them all covered and in a very delicious and traditional way.
"Prato do Dia - Dish of the Day" is the debut cook book from our most beloved Portuguese celebrity cook Filipa Gomes.
Prato do Dia, the name given to the book, is also the name of one the most popular cooking shows in Portugal (24Kitchen - Fox TV) and Filipa Gomes is its hostess.
Her straightforward, flavourful and delicious recipes are a success and her unpretentious way of life and approach to food, are absolutely inspirational.
I’ve had the honour to receive an advanced and signed (by the author herself), copy of the book and honestly, I'm totally in love with it.
Simple, divided in chapters like, Starters and Snacks, Fish and Shellfish, Meat and Desserts, the book is a delight to flick through and full of mouthwatering, simple and easy recipes for every day of the week.
I’m so honored and delighted to have a signed copy of Filipa's book and so thrilled to cook from it!
The recipe I'm sharing today, is the first recipe, tried and totally approved from the book and, as it is so full of Portuguese references and so special and close to my heart, it got to be cooked in one of my beloved "black clay" dishes. A very ancient, manual and traditional, Portuguese pottery from Bisalhães, a village in the North of Portugal.